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The Romance of Cockroach & Butterfly (FIN)

A New Day…

Terbal still doesn’t give up! He tries every ways to meet Nazu.

Besides coming to the same place in same time to wait for her,

He also asks every insect who pass by to get some information about her.

And wherever, every time he passes the Carnation’s beds, he always looks for Nazu anxiously.

“Ah! Nazu.” ,Terbal calls the Butterfly who came across.

“Cockroach-sama… Sorry, I’m not ‘Nazu’!”

, that Butterfly refuses. Her wings’ colors look so similar with Nazu, it makes Terbal misunderstand.

“Aw… ‘Ko-Tod-Krub!’ I’m sorry.”

, Terbal apologizes her with disappointment.

Terbal doesn’t know what to do…

So he collects various pollens he found on the ground, and he piles them up on the first meeting point to make a notice sign, coz she might pass here and recognize.


Terbal keep on doing this day in day out, until the pollens become a small mound.

But he still never sees any traces of her. There are only birds, ants and other insects trying to steal the pollens from his pile, so Terbal has to look after it often.

One day, the Old Black Ant[6] passed by and saw that, so he asks with curiosity.

“The young Cockroach, what are U doing, Hmm?”

Therefore, Terbal tells everything to the old Ant, he listens with sympathy.

“The Old Man, I really have no idea, I don’t know what to do……

I miss Nazu and worry about her. I wanna see her so bad!”

, Terbal says with melancholy voice.

The Old Ant thinking for a while…

“Well… I don’t know how to help you.

But there’s the One who knows… and might help you!”

“Really, the old man… Who is he?

How can I do to meet him? Please tell me!”

,Terbal says.

“In the Insect’s World, No one better knows than ‘the Queen Termite.”[7]

She lives in this world almost 100 years.

I believe she must know everything, what’s going on the Earth.”

,The Old Ant says.

“Really? Well, how can I get to find Thee?”

,Terbal says.

“Her Majesty’s Nest is in the Underworld.

But the way to go is far away and dangerous.

Only few insects can survive and come back safely from there!”

,The Old Ant says.

“The Old Man, I really appreciate your advice.

If possible, I would like to repay your kindness.!”

,Terbal says.

“Nevermind, young Cockroack…”

,The Old Ant says.

Terbal thanks the Old Ant gratefully. Even he knows that this journey may pay the price with his life! But to get any traces about Nazu, he isn’t afraid of Death.

[6] The Black Ant

[7 ] Queen Termite


The Underworld…

Terbal heading to the Nest of the Queen Termite through the “Sewer.”

He runs on the edge of cement floor nimble… and carefully…

Coz along the way, there are many scary enemies such as “Rat”, “Centipede”[8] and “Snake”, including the treacherous water.

He runs actively from day till night, but there is still no sign of the Termite’s Nest.

So he takes a break, breathing unrestly…

And he is hungry badly, coz nothing fall down to his stomach all day long.

Not only Terbal who is starving…

“Badz,” the Hungry Rat is peeping him maliciously.

His saliva drop sounds “ting… ting… ting.”

He’s thinking about his first meal in many days.

“Ha.. Ha.. An Idiot Cockroach, Let’s be my Dinner!”

Badz dashes and blocks Terbal who is exhausted. He is shocked and startled.

Even he became weak, but the instinct to survive boosts him to run away with frenzy, but he can’t go much further.

Terbal defeats!…

Swooped by the Hungry Rat, his body is thrown and that makes him lie on his back.

For the Cockroach, being in this position is the weakest point! Coz it can’t move anywhere, it can only shake its legs up and down statically. That’s such a pity!

If his wings are still complete, Terbal might not be in despair like this.

Dark sky and strong wind look threatened. This must be his last chance!!

[8] Centipede


Water drops on Terbal’s eyes, time after time.

Is It His Own Tears?…

No… not that. But it’s the Rain Drops falling from above.

While Badz is grinning and he prepares to gulp down Terbal. The Heavy Rain falling, the downpour water floods the sewer rapidly and severely, until the water overflows both sides of cement floors.

All of a sudden, the Big Wave strikes and swallows Badz and Terbal inside. Then it spews them out dispersedly. The treacherous current floats the unconscious Terbal aimlessly…..


“Nazu, Nazu!”

,Terbal calls out the Young Butterfly while he is walking around the Carnation Beds.

Just like a dream, the gorgeous Butterfly with blue and green wings flying toward him. It is not anybody but her! Terbal shouts all-out joyfully.

“Nazu, It’s U! Where have U been?

U know, I miss U so bad!”

Terbal runs toward Nazu, he picks the Jasmine blossom from the ground around Erawan Shrine for her. Nazu doesn’t reply him, she looks sad and her face flooded with tears.

“Nazu, What’s wrong?”

,Terbal asks with doubtful.

She still not replies, just turns back and flies away out of sight…


“Nazu… Nazu…”

,Terbal shout out again extremely, before another voice interrupts.

“Wake up, Wake up!”

,the voice of one Soldier Termite[9] who tries to wake him up.

Terbal was fainted for so long. He is unbelievably lucky!

The current brought him stranding on the shore near the Termite Nest.

The flock of ants carried him and then leaved him to the couple of Soldier Termites.

Her Highness… This is the intruder whom we just arrested.”

,one of the Soldier Termites gives her a report.

“Free him…”

,Queen Termite give an order, the Soldier Termites gently release Terbal.

“The young Cockroach… what are you doing here?”

,Terbal was amazed that the great Queen Termite asked the inferior insect like him tenderly. She looks very old but still respectable. Her nest surrounded with thousands of termites.

“Her Majesty, I come here to ask your favor.

Please answer one question for me…

I’m such a humble fool, I can’t figure out!”

,Terbal says modestly.

“What kind of Question? Tell me…”

,Queen Termite says.

“I fall in love with one Butterfly. Her name is ‘Nazu.’

But one day she disappeared suddenly.

Any way I tried, I couldn’t find her…”

,Terbal answers her sadly.

“The unfortunate Cockroach… Butterfly is an honorable insect.

But you, you’re the low class insect, not compatible.

Most important, the life span of Butterfly on this planet…

Is too short!”

,Queen Termite answers him with cold and stoic voice.

“What do you wanna say with me?

No! That’s not true…. Noooooooo!”

,Terbal can’t come to term with that answer.

He gets confused and gone crazy. He laments and cries all-out.

“Everything created in this Planet has its own question in itself.

No one can against the Nature…

If you don’t believe my words, you just try to find the answer on your own!”

,Queen Termite drops her last words, before orders the flocks of Worker Termites[10] To bring Terbal and return him onto the ordinary world.

[9] Soldier Termite

[10] Worker Termite


Even he had known the truth from Queen Termite already.

But Terbal still waiting for Nazu as usual.

Every day he still comes and waits her in the same place, same time.

And still piles up the pollens until it looks like a small monument.

He still waiting for a miracle, and believes that Nazu is still alive.

And one day she will return… Here


One Evening in January

I still hang around this cinema sometimes. Coz may be I will come across with her again. But I never see her anymore…

Never mind… I just could restraint my mind.

People can forget easily, right?

I just worried about that weird Cockroach, it never yielded!

Whenever I pass the Carnation Beds here, I must see him every time.

If you pass here and see the torn-winged Cockroach wandering around, I beg you don’t tramp or crush him.

Please spare him!


story by: albertpotjes


Some Trivia from the Story.

–      ‘Butterfly’ has very short Life Span, only “2-14 days.”

‘Cockroach’ can live up to “2 years. “

Whereas the ‘Queen Termite’ can live as long as “50-100 years.”

–      About the “Cockroach”, in his eyes are including of enormous small eyes. In one eye, there are over 2,000 individual eye lenses. (But in human, we have only 1 lens for each eye.)

–      “White Carnation” is the symbol of “Sincere Love, or Love without expect.”

–      Wheras “Jasmine” can be interpreted as “the Noble Woman, who is gorgeous and sublime.”




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