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The Romance of Cockroach & Butterfly (2)

The Next day…

Terbal wakes up since the early afternoon. Usually the cockroach like him never explores food in the same old area. But today he heads to the same place and in same time! Coz he hopes to meet Nazu again.

Terbal waits eagerly. And he is very lucky to meet her again!

“Nazu, today I’ve got some present for you!”

,he said and then slowly hands her the small piece of loaf.


,Even the bit of bread is worthless for butterfly.

But she accepts it without disgust.

Terbal leads Nazu to drinks nectar and does her pollination job at the Carnation Beds. After that he brings her to visit the fountain and Erawan shrine.

“Nazu, u know? Human likes to worship and ask for blessing from Lord Erawan.

Coz they believe that he will bring good luck to you. And help people to be lucky in love.”

“Honto? Is it true?”, Nazu asks with curiosity.

“Well, well… I don’t know so. I just heard that from the other insects.

And I’m not a human, so I never try that! He He.”

,Terbal answers funnily. Nazu laughs so many times.

Terbal starts to fall in love with Nazu. But he doesn’t dare enough to tell her. Coz he is afraid that it’s too fast, and he might get the disappointed answer.

He feels good to be close and be friend with her. And he also hopes deeply that she may at least like him.

“Nazu, tomorrow won’t you come here again?”

,Terbal asks.

“Hai, Hai. Ashita, mata aimasho!”

,Nazu replies.

“La-Korn. Bye Bye!”

,Terbal says goodbye pleasantly.


Next 2 days…

In fact, the down town area isn’t such a place for fragile insect like ‘Butterfly’. Because there are few natural floras, the weather is hot and stuffy, lots of pollution, and most important, there are crowd of people walking chaotically.

Even the enduring Cockroach like ‘Terbal’, it has to confront with the dangers from DDT, various formulas of poisons, and he also has to evade from hundred couples of human’s feet!

‘The Two’ meet in the same place, same time. Along the way, Terbal points out several things enthusiastically.

“Nazu, look at that pushcart, what is she selling, hmm…?”

“Yay! She sells crispy fried insects!

I think we should get away from here instantly!!”

,Nazu says scarily.

“Oops! Oh, my goodness…

It’s a pity for ‘Grasshoppers’, ‘Scorpions’ and ‘Worms’ friends.

We’re so lucky that human don’t like to eat ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Cockroach’.

Ei Ei…”

,Terbal finds an excuse after he pointed out the tragedy of insect’s companions.


Everything seems to be normal and peaceful.

But today while Terbal is watching Nazu drinks nectar and pollinates at Carnation Beds, the Unfortunate Event just happens! The young naughty siblings run into the Carnation Beds, they tug the flowers crazily and try to pounce on Nazu relentlessly.

Terbal sees the danger and immediately flies to protect Nazu.

“Nazu, get away!” ,Terbal shout out bravely.

Even she is worried about Terbal, but she scares of the human’s power. Nazu flies away quickly and leaves the young cockroach to face the fate alone.

The Bigger Sister sees the cockroach flies toward, she then screams and runs away disgustingly. While the Smaller Brother feels fun with it! Although Terbal tries to resist extremely, but he can’t escape from the hands of a rascal.

The Small Boy nips off Terbal’s antenna while he struggles disorderly. The boy picks him up to his eyes’ level.

“Eh, which part is better?”

,a stubborn boy says that before takes his right hand to pluck off the left wing of the cockroach.


,If this boy understands the Insect’s language, he might know that Terbal is screaming painfully.

But Hell and Heaven still don’t want to take his life…

Fortunately, the parents of two children are coming to bring them back home. Suddenly, when the Mommy sees her boy holding the cockroach in his hand, she scolds him to the nth degree.

“Gee, dirty!… Most disgusting!

Throw it away, Sonny! Or I will beat you!”

Hearing she blame, the kid leaves Terbal with disappointment.

Terbal is badly bruised and battered. He walks lamely and staggeringly.

One wing was torn, so he can’t fly anymore!


Many days later…

Terbal has to take a big rest because of the injury. Last few days he can’t go out to meet Nazu.

Today his injury is better, so he decides to go and meet Nazu at the same place, same time.

He waits patiently, but she is yet not coming.

He wanders around, though he can’t find even her shadow.

He finds only the pollens of Carnation and few particles from her blue wings which falled down sparsely.


He waits for her until the sunset. Waiting with yearn and anxiety.

Terbal thinks she won’t come today. So he gets back to the deserted condo in despair. Terbal goes up to the top roof, he looks up to the sky with sad and sorrow. His heart just thinking about the beautiful Butterfly.

>>Cockroach’s Melodies<<

(featuring: ‘Cicada-sama’[4], ‘Flies&Gnats’, ‘Mosquito-kun’, ‘Frog-sama’, ‘Rabbit-chan’ and ‘?????’)

Hey… Hey… Nazu, where are U thou?

Today don’t see U, oh mine.

I’m missin’.. U know?

Every second times.

vee… vee… We..  .We…vee…vee.

‘Cicada-sama’ sang, the lonely song.

Bro’, can U plz… Stop hummin’ that rite now.

It wounds my heart, sounds too dreary.

Yeah.. Ye!

Hey… He… Hey… ‘Flies and Gnats’ dudes, Keep on shoutin’

Sing it loud! Make noisy sounds!

May us voices come up Aloud

Till the stars and skies hearing!

Aob… Ob… Aob

‘Frog-sama’ in the far swamp

Da Distant Chorus… Gimme Bass Sound Away…

Oh, Stars… Are U hearin’? I miss her so bad!

Hopin’ the Stars tellin’ U far away

Even Wherever, plz sendin’ it to Her!

He… hey… He… Tonite Crescent Moon shinin’ bright

Lovely ‘Rabbit-chan’… could U answer me?

Tellin’ me where is she, what about her?

Tellin’ Tellin’ me Plz! Before the Moon go by

Rabbit-chan, don’t U know? I adore her like Thou cherish Ya Moon

Tok… Tok… Tok… Tok-kae

Our song sounds too loud, too nice!

“Gecko-sama”[5] can’t resist. Ah-Yai-E-Yai… He says, “May I Jam?”

BRRR…! Let’s Split da band!

(Cockroach & The Band scatter!)


[4] Cicada

[5] Gecko (In Thailand, his name is “Tok-kae” and we hear him shout “Tok.. Tok… Tok-kae”)

>>>> to be continued >>>>



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