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The Romance of Cockroach & Butterfly (1)






(The Romance of Cockroach & Butterfly)

Story by: albertpotjes

Original Written: JAN 2006


Have you ever noticed?

Most people often have their special place…

Wherever they wanna go again and again, and always in the same time.

There might be some reasons that make ones appear in one place.

And in one day, it might be some reasons that make he/she disappears from there.

One Evening of December

(6.17 pm)

In front of one big Department Store…

I’m leaving after waited for “Natsumi” my Japanese friend almost an hour.

And today is exactly 1 Month that we hadn’t met each other.

I first came across with her in the cinema here.

I had talked and made friend with her.

After that we had met 4 or 5 times, both intentionally and accidentally.

The last time though…

Before we separated, she suddenly cried with no reason. And she cried a lot!

After that day, I hadn’t met her anymore. She disappears from my life with no trace.

I never thought that it will be the last meeting of us.

Even the places we had met, or the places she likes to hang out.

Any places, anywhere…

I never take a chance to see her again.

And she cut off the contact with me completely. She just ignores me.

“I guess I’m hopeless!”

Even I’m not sure about the reasons,

But I guess that Natsumi must hate me…

Or she doesn’t want to see me again.

“Doshite?” (Why?)

“Tomodachi ni naranai?” (Why can’t we be friends?)

I slowly walk out, witherly. My head is down and my heart is wounded.

And after I walked out of the mall’s front door,

While I am passing the flower beds, I noticed one broken-winged Cockroach walking round and round the White Carnation’s bed… annoyingly.

Every times I pass here, I often see him hangs around here.

“The waiting person isn’t probably me only.

Mebbe… that cockroach is also waiting for someone too!”

I was thinking with myself…funnily



>The Romance of Cockroach ‘N’ Butterfly<

One Late Afternoon in November

A shiny day, warm weather, and breezy

“Terbal”, the young adventurous cockroach goes out to explore for his meal as usual. This cockroach is so weird, he doesn’t like to settle in the one food area.

Each day, he often moves to other different places. So you might call him “A Cockroach who loves Adventures.”

By the way, Terbal notices one Back-Packed Tourist with a huge rucksack on his back. That man is walking up to the sky-train station, so he takes this chance flying into the rucksack.

“A-ha, so lucky! This will save my energy!”, The clever cockroach thought.

While being on the train, Terbal has to hide himself carefully. Because if his ugly figure appears, the people on the train must be in panic and scream.

“Next station, Ploen Chit”, the sweet voice from the announcer informs all passengers. When the train has arrived the platform, that backpacker slowly walks through the crowd, along with Terbal who hiding inside his rucksack.

“Thanks you very much!”

,Terbal expressed thanks in English while he jumped off from the gap of rucksack.

Thump! ,the drop sound when Terbal hit the tile floor in the downtown area. Around here, there are lots of big department stores, luxurious hotels and famous restaurants.

Terbal had come around here to explore for food many times. So he knows the direction very well. He walks with the jolly steps and thinking about today’s menu.

“Yummy! I’m missing of the butter flavor and sweet taste of Popcorn. So today let’s go to the cinema!”


While walking toward the cinema, Terbal looks and sniffs around. His eyes are caught by one butterfly. She flies round and round like she is losing direction.

Her gorgeous makes Terbal look back. The 2,000 couples of his eye lenses are focusing at her, the lovely butterfly! She has slender figure, her beautiful blue wings with turquoise green stripes are symmetrical.

Terbal hesitates. He gazed at her for so long, before he takes chance to talk with her.

“Umm… Sawaddee, where do u wanna go?”

That young girl looks afraid and nervous. She took a while before answers.

“I’m looking for ‘Carnationflowers. Do they exist around here?”

“Hey, Would you like to go with me? I’m going to the cinema, there are the Carnation around there!”

,Terbal invited her. He thought that he is so lucky, it’s really coincidence!

“Well… I forgot to introduce myself.

My name is ‘Terbal’, and you?”

,Terbal says.

‘Nazu’ desu.” ,She replied with a shyly smile.

Terbal leads Nazu to the White Carnation beds which are not far from the mall’s entrance. He chats with her all the way.



At the Carnation Beds…

Nazu brings her attached stamens[1] and put them into the flowers which have the pistils.[2] She move the pollens from one flower to another flower, again and again, until she finishes every flower beds. Meanwhile Terbal looks at her doing the nature nourishing task with admire.

“I finished now. Arigatou, Thanks you a lot!”

,Nazu expresses thank after finished her mission.

“My pleasure!   Um… after this, do you have free time?

If you’re available, can you join movie with me?”

Terbal asks Nazu with exciting.

“That’s all right, but I have to get back home before night falls”

,Nazu accepts his invitation, coz she started to convince him.

“Don’t worry, lady! I assure you with the honor of Cockroach.”

, Terbal says it.


Stamen = Male Pollen Pistil = Female Pollen

[1] Stamen = Male Pollen

[2] Pistil = Female Pollen



In the Mall…

‘Terbal’ leads ‘Nazu’ to the elevator backward. While a man presses the button to go upstairs, they slip through the door swiftly.

“7th floor. Nazu, we arrive!”

,Terbal says immediately after he heard the bell sound.

Nazu flies after him with exciting, coz this is the 1st time she comes into such new and strange place.


In the Cinema…

‘Nazu’ is enjoying with the movie.

Terbal also watching it, meanwhile he is more enjoyable to pick&eat the popcorns and snacks on the floor until his stomach is stuffed!

After the movie finished, they return to their first meeting point. Before they apart each other, Terbal ask to accompany and send her as every gentlemen do. But Nazu says ‘never mind.’



To meet and make friend with the beautiful butterfly like ‘Nazu’, that makes ‘Terbal’ feel high and delighted. So he returns to visit his old place, the deserted condo. Coz he wanna share the impressive story with his friends

“Hey, today I had known the butterfly.

Her name is ‘Nazu’. She is very lovely, dudes!”

,Terbal says that excitingly. His wings flutter up and down.

“Look who’s talking!

Jerky, you’re such an odd insect.

How can the Cockroach love with Butterfly? Hmm…?

‘Butterfly is a beautiful insect. But you’re such filthy, ugly insect!”

‘Eev,’ Gnat[3] friend recalls him.

“Yep, Yep! A pervert Cocky! You’re nonsense.

There are so many sexy and cutie Cocky girls.

How dare you to expect the noble Butterfly?


‘Dup,’ Fly friend also warns him, while ‘Tini,’ the Mosquito friend chuckles.

“Crikey!  What friends are for? You guys are such cruel!

No one even cheers me up.”

,’Terbal’ yells at them with disappointment.


[3] Gnat


>>>> to be continued >>>>



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