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TV Icon ‘Poo Yen’ died…

Original Written (2008.11.10)


‘Poo Yen’ with his memorable smile

‘Poo Yen’ (Grandpa Yen), the honorable old man of Petchaburi River had passed away on October 12th, at age 108.

Beloved ‘Poo Yen’ became nationwide famous – since his life was broadcasted last 4 years ago on the reality / documentary TV program “Kon-Kon-Kon” (People’s Life) – the program that portrays the life of interesting low-profile people.

The impressive story of Poo Yen began when his wife ‘Ya Erb’ departed from him at age 94, in 1993. He cried for her death 3 months and decided to move from the rent house to his new home, “the small houseboat.”

In old age, he didn’t depend on his children or relative, he lived on the houseboat over 10 years and made a living from fishing. If there were some fish left, he would sell them in the cheap prices, and he would always refuse the money giveaway from others. He said “I can eat the free stuff, but I don’t want it. That’s not nice, I’m ashamed. It’s the commodity, you have to work and pay for it!”

Amid the materialistic and selfish society, ‘Poo Yen’ becomes the icon of humble life and self-reliant. After his life was broadcasted on TV, the media and people paid attention to him. Many people came to visit him at Petchaburi River, even he got tired but he always gave big smile to every visitors. He was also chosen to be the Out standing Senior Citizen and Tourism Presenter for Petchaburi Province. Moreover the officials started to realize about the pollution problems of Petchaburi River seriously.

The significant moment was when HM Queen Sirikit granted him a new boat in 2005 and requested the officials to look after him. Poo Yen was very proud of his new presented boat.

Last September, his boat was sunk by the rainstorm, he stayed afloat in the river about 15 minutes before the neighbors rescued him. The Queen ordered the officials to repaired and upgrade his boat, it was given back to Poo Yen on October 1st.

Life is uncertain, death is certain… After the accident, Poo Yen’s heath deteriorated and he died of natural causes on October 12th. His body died, but his ideal way of life and teaching shall live forever…
“Look at the clam! It is nor hand, nor foot – but it can still make a living. So it’s ashamed, if we people who has hands and feet can’t help ourselves!”

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