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SIAM STAR ☆ DARA THAI / ‘Saipan’: The Freaky Girl On The Rise

Original Written (2008.11.26)


Saipan’ with her Afro hairstyle in her 1st film “Ploy”

The Reason You Should Know Her: ‘The top Thai promising female teen star.’

Debuted as a riot girl in the movie “Ploy,” directed by the top indie director ‘Pen-ek Ratanaruang.’ Her unique character made her became overnight star.

The 18 Girl, ‘Apinya Sakul-Jaroensuk’ aka ‘Saipan’ was born on May 27, 1990. Saipan is one of the top Thai teen stars – she is actress, TV host and CM presenter.


Saipan’s movies in 2008: “4bia,” “Friendship,” and “Boonchoo”

After “Ploy,” Saipan had played in many outstanding movies. Only in the year 2008; she starred in the top hit horror “4bia” – played with the top teen actor ‘Mario Maurer’ in romance/drama “Friendship” – and co-starred in the classic comedy sequel “Boonchoo 9.” (For me, Boonchoo is like “Tora-san series in Thai version,” it is directed by experienced director ‘Bandit Rittakol.’)


‘Saipan’ in Pusan Film Fest 2008

About Saipan’s real characters: she is a lovely, cheerful and confident girl. But different from many Thai teen actresses, she is well known for her strong and straightforward character. Even sometimes she was criticized by Thai gossip media, but she doesn’t care much about it. She said “I can change some manners, but I don’t want to change my real self!”

The real proud is when she was chosen as a Thai representative actress to join the red carpet event in the 13th Pusan Intl Film Festival, alongside with ‘Juri Ueno’ from Japan.

I think Saipan was very lucky to debut in “Ploy,” because she was really born for that character. The director ‘Pen-ek’ once praised her “I proudly present her! Saipan is a real talent actress. And she has some chemistry like Marilyn Monroe.” And she is lucky enough for the good offers to play in the the following interesting movies. But this is just the beginning, she still has to prove herself in the long run! Saipan said “I never and doesn’t want to expect, I just want to do my best.”

‘Saipan’ also co-starred in the all-stars romance movie “Fan-Wan-Aye-Joob” (4 Romances) which contains 4 love stories by 4 top directors. The film has gathered over 20 Thai famous stars, including the members from “Love of Siam.”

“Fan-Wan-Aye-Joob” will be screened in Thai cinemas this December 25th. You can click the link below to see the trailer and some posters.


“Fan-Wan-Aye-Joob” (4 Romances)

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