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SIAM STAR ☆ DARA THAI / ‘Ananda: The Hottest Dares To Play’

Original Written (2008.10.26)

‘Ananda’ Play as a Magical Mariner in the latest Thai movie “Queen Of Langkasuka”

The Reason You Should Know Him:The Hottest and Busiest Thai Actor who was called ‘Thai Johnny Depp.’

The Gemini man, born on May 31st 1982. ‘Ananda Everingham’ is an Australian-Lao who was born and grew up in Thailand.

His parents’ love story is greater than any romances. During the Vietnam War, his father ‘John’ falled in love with beautiful Laotian girl named ‘Keo’ – John had to bring his lover out of crisis in Laos, they swam across Mekong River to Thailand by using scuba equipment. Later the Hollywood had turned this story into the TV movie “Love Is Forever” (1983).

Ananda’: Past-Present

He started his entertainment career as a “Teen Idol.” When he was 15, he debuted in the teenage love movie “Anda & Fasai.” After tired of being a pop star, he disappeared from the showbiz for years.

Ananda actually made a big comeback in 2004 when he played the leading role in Horror film “Shutter.” It was No.1 Thai Box Office in that year and was overwhelmingly successful in international film market, even the Hollywood purchased its remake right. Ananda said “Shutter” was his milestone. It changed his status from “Pop Idol” to “Quality Actor,” and also turned him to be the top Asian star.

Ananda’ in “Me…Myself” and “Ploy”

Different from many Thai actors – Ananda dares to play different roles and not worried about his image. He said, “To play any movie, I prefer the good script rather than big money.” He played as a gay who loses his memory in “Me…Myself,” played a hot love scene in “Ploy,” and played for free in the indie project “Bangkok Time.”

Take the lead roles in “Pleasure Factory,” “The Leap Years,” “Good Morning, Luang Prabang,” and “The Coffin”

Since 2007, he had appeared in so many Asian films. He starred in 2 Singaporean movies: “Pleasure Factory” and “The Leap Years.” He starred & co-produced in Thai-Laos movie “Good Morning, Luang Prabang” – which is the first privately funded Lao movie in 33 years. He played in the pan-asian horror movie “The Coffin.” And he has agreed to play in Philippines movie “Kalayaan” with Taiwanese star ‘Ken Zhu’ (F4) – This film is directed by the award-winning director ‘Adolf Alix Jr.’ Last year Ananda was honored to participate “the Star Summit Asia” in Pusan Film Festival.

About acting, he said he’s not the inborn talent actor. He believes in training and he could become better actor through technique. His favourite actors are: ‘Geoffrey Rush’, ‘Gary Oldman’ and ‘Johnny Depp.’ He said he wish to try the comedian role which he never play it before!

He also planned to be a movie director. He said a couple of years ago he wanted to direct a film so bad. But he revised his plan and just waiting for the good timing. He once gave an interview about his top 5 favourite movies – they’re “Trainspotting,” “Apocalypse Now,” “Doctor Zhivago,” “Citizen Kane,” and “Gone With The Wind.”

Out of the celluloid world; Ananda is an independent guy, straightforward and serious with life. He likes travel, diving, hiking, motorbike and photography.

Apart from “Queen of Langkasuka,” Ananda will star in another Thai big-budget movie “Insee Dang” (The Red Eagle) – this Thai hero movie remake will be directed by the outstanding director ‘Wisit Sasanatieng.’

Info & photo credits:
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About “Queen of Langkasuka”

The 2008 biggest Thai movie “Puen Yai Jom Salad” (Queen of Langkasuka) just hit the nationwide cinemas and becomes the latest No.1 Thai Box Office.

The 200 million baht Fantasy/Action movie based on real history – it is the imaginative story of the southern ancient kingdom “Langkasuka” dated back over 400 years ago. The new ruler ‘Queen Hejao’ and her countrymen have to protect the Kingdom from the invaders and pirates.

Pari’ who possesses the special ability “Dulam.”

In this movie; Ananda played as ‘Pari,’ the young mariner who can communicate with the aquatic animals – he has the special talent to practice the ultimate magic “Dulam” to summon the fish.

Apart from the top Thai actors; this film had gathered the big names like top director ‘Nonzee Nimibutr’ – the top writer ‘Win Liewwarin’ (2 S.E.A. Write Award Winners) – and the top production designer ‘Ake Eium-chuen.’

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