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Original Written (2008.10.05)


“Sawaddee!” (Konnichiwa)
This is the 2nd contribution from me. I take this chance to describe about the column’s name.
Because some words are in Thai language, and you might not understand!
SANOOK = Fun… / SABYE = Easy… / and SIAM = Thai
(Easy & Fun Style Siam)

This column is written to entertain and educate you with the contents of Thai entertainment, lifestyle, culture, movement and whatever….

Now let’s enjoy the story with me!

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“Japanese Actors: We Want You So Bad!”
By: albertpotjes

“Thai-Japan Collaboration?”
When we talk about it, the very first things we can figure out are economic, export-import and factories (Toyota, Honda, Sony, etc….)
But now it already expanded into the Movie Industry!

The outstanding initiation began in 2000’s decade.
In 2003, the Pan-Asian project “Last Life in the Universe” (地球で最後のふたり) was the film that collected top indie guys such as Thai director ‘Pen-ek Ratanaruang’, HK-based cinematographer ‘Christopher Doyle’ and Japanese cult actor ‘Asano Tadanobu.’
This collaboration aimed to broaden the international market and strengthen the recognition.
It seems to be the solution for the small market like Thailand, which art and indie films are just strangers for Thai audiences.

In “Asano-san’s case”, he is well-knowed for indie fans around the world. And if you have him, at least you can guarantee the pre-sales in Japan!

‘Asano’ with Thai actress ‘Noon’ in “Last Life”

As many predicted, “Last Life” failed at the Box Office sales in Thailand. The movie was just warm-welcomed by Thai indie fans, and Asano was not yet popular for Thai mass audiences. But the movie was overwhelmingly successful in the international market! It also grabbed some big prizes including “Best Actor” from Venice 2003.

In 2006, the 3 musketeers ‘Pen-ek’, ‘Christopher’ and ‘Asano’ reunited again in the next pan-asian project “Invisible Waves”, plused with Korean star ‘Kang Hye-jeong’ and HK star ‘Eric Tsang.’ But the film was not much successful both in Thai and abroad markets.

“2008: The Golden Year”

In 2008, it is a big surprise for Thai movie industry. There are about 4-5 Japanese artists appeared in Thai films, and most of them seem to be successful!


‘Hiroshi Abe’ and Thai actor ‘Pongpat’

The experienced Japanese actor ‘Hiroshi Abe’ appeared in “Chocolate”, the latest action movie by ‘Prachaya Pinkaew’ (the director of “Ong-Bak”). He played as the heroine’s father character. The film was so successful in Thailand, and did so well in Asia market.

But except ‘Abe-san’, the rest Japanese stars are females!
Now the model of “Japanese actors in Thai Films” has changed-
from “Actor” -to be-> “Actress.” And it also changes the focus from-
“International Market” –to-> “Local Market” instead.

‘Aoi’ stole the scenes in “Hormones”

The trend-setter was “GTH”, it successfully persuaded the top AV actress ‘Aoi Sola’ to play in its teenage movie “Hormones.” Even though it was criticized by some conservative elders about Aoi’s background, but it was a worthwhile gamble! “Hormones” became No.1 box office in March, and had grossed around 80 million baht. (No.3 Thai Box Office in 2008) ‘Aoi’ helped the movie to draw the male audiences, and the female audiences also admired her loveliness and sex appeal.

This is the win-win situation. The studio could add new taste to its film and the audiences love it. It was also the chance for ‘Aoi’ to upgrade her image in the international platform. Moreover, it also means the chance for distribution in Japan. “Hormones” just won The Juries Special Prize from Makuhari’s Film Fest.

The competitor studio “RS” tries to imitate that formula. There were rumors that it had persuaded top AV actresses ‘Miyabi’ (Maria Ozawa) and ‘Kaede Matsushima’ to play in its new romantic-comedy movie. Most parts of the film will be shot in Tokyo.

Less-known ‘Aki’ in “Coffin”

‘Aki Shibuya’ is Another Japanese actress who appeared in Thai horror “Coffin.” This was another pan-asian project between “Thai, HK, and Singapore.” In this film, ‘Aki’ co-starred with Thai actor ‘Ananda’ and HK actress ‘Karen Mok.’ But Coffin only had moderate feedback in Thai box office.

Lovely ‘Asuka’ in “Kill Tim”

And the last one, previous gravure model ‘Asuka’ (http://ameblo.jp/gotochan) had won the casting for the heroine role in “E Tim Tai Nae!” (Kill Tim)
‘Asuka’ debuted in the latest romantic-comedy by the notable director ‘Yuthlert Sippapak’ with the No.1 stand-up comedian ‘Nose-Udom.’ In this movie ‘Nose’ wears two hats, he is both leading actor and screenwriter.
It is the story about ‘Itemi’, the Japanese cute backpacker that falls in love with ‘Thung’, the retired Muay Thai boxer who performs the show at Pattaya’s night club. But what will happen if she knows that ‘Thung’ is not a real deal and find out the greater Muay Thai boxer. http://www.itemi-movie.com

Now “Kill Tim” becomes talk of the town because of its exotic style, and especially for Asuka’s loveliness. The 9th movie of director Yuthlert will hit Thai theatres in this October 9th.
How long will this formula (“Japanese Actors in Thai Films”) get along? Only time will prove! But at least I see a new door open for Thai-Japan movie collaboration…

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Pa-sa-Thai Workshop

Pa-sa = Gengo (Language)
Nang = Eiga (Movie)
Ji-pun = Nihon (Japan)
Karn-Ruam-Mue = Kyou-tsuu-ka (Collaboration)

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  1. I like your articles. I like hormones thai movie.

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