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LOCAL TASTE: Kin-Jay trip at ‘Talat Noi’

Original Written (2008.10.06)

Sunday 5th, a sunny day…

Yesterday I had seen good festival on the TV. It is “Kin-Jay” or “Chinese Vegetarian Festival” at Talat Noi market. Even I’m not a Thai-Chinese, nor a Buddhist. But those yummy foods really attract me!

– The cutout of some top Bangkok Governor’s candidates.
Good-looking ‘Apirak’ (Left) and aggressive ‘Chuvit’ (Right)

But today is an election day for Bangkok Governor, so I have to go voting at my district first. This time it is very colorful, especially in the campaign period. You could see the tough competition and various characters of the candidates. Just 3 days before voting day, there was shocking news about one candidate named ‘Chuvit’ punch the announcer after the interview on TV. (Later ‘Mr.Apirak’ wins the election and becomes the 2nd timed Governor.)

– The election booth in Thailand

After the election, it’s time for trip!
It’s just late morning. I move to the China-Town area. Firstly, I decided to visit “Kalawar Church” (Holy Rosary Church) which locates in the nearby area. This church is well-knowed for its long history and Neo-Gothic architecture. Today is its 111th anniversary celebration, so there are crowd of people in the mass. I pray to Mother Mary for a while and then move.

– The atmosphere at ‘Kalawar Church’

And now it’s time to eat!
Just a short walk from the church, I arrive ‘Talat Noi’ market. The atmosphere is really great and exotic! Even I’m Thai but I don’t often see this… Most people are Thai-Chinese or Chinese and most of them wear white for the festival.

The “Kin-Jay” festival is a tradition for Thai-Chinese. 9 days around late Sep – early Oct, they will be strict with religious precepts and diet. Practicing vegetarianism is the way to make merit by not kill animals for eating.

– Crispy vegetarian snacks

All the way here you can see varieties of vegetarian foods (Jay). “Yellow Flag” is the sign for the jay shops. I buy and eat a lot! The cool thing is you can see the local chefs cooking the food or snack live!

– The real local cooks doing snacks. (The left one is similar to Japanese ‘Harumaki’!)

->The left one is my favourite “Chinese Pancake” (Japanese ‘Dorayaki’). It’s soft & sweet!

-> The chefs are doing ‘Toob-Tub’, the popular jay snack. (The name ‘Toob-Tub’ came from the sound of hammering, its main ingredient are grind peanuts.)

In the innermost part of Talat Noi, there is the “Co Su Kong Shrine.” Thai-Chinese come here to pray and make a wish. Co Su Kong is the god of medicine, people believe he can cure and prevent the illnesses. (You can see the history of Co Su Kong here http://jindeyuan.org/en/qing-shui-zu-shi-a-master-from-rocky-ground-of-clear-water)

– “Co Su Kong” Shrine – White Dressed Only!

But in this period, if you want to enter the shrine, you have to wear all-white! That’s why I can’t enter… However the atmosphere around is exciting. You can the giant incenses and people praying. And if you come in the right time, you can see Chinese Opera on the stage. (But again, I come too early! What a pity!)

– Big Incenses, the way to worship the Holy Spirits. (Big incense, big luck!)

– The atmosphere around “Co Su Kong” Shrine, the left one is in front of the Chinese Opera stage.

– ‘Talat Noi’ Pier in the flood season

I get back home with many bags of snacks. I want to keep some for my parents. But while I was sleeping, my sisters finished almost of them. Evil sisters, how dare ya! ☺☺

– Mine, mine, mine… (Oishiso!)

:-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;->



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