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Bangkok Sinking?

Original Written (2008.10.29)


Big Flood in Bangkok, 1942

Big Flood in Bangkok, 1942


“If Tokyo people are afraid of Earthquake,
Bangkok people are afraid of Flood!”

In September, many Bangkok people were frightened by the Fwd: e-mail from the unknown foretuneteller named “Apikitt.” The summary in that text message is “Warning: Don’t come to Bangkok in this October! There will be a big disaster. Lots of people will die from flood and earthquake. Some people will go insane and kill each other. Please move to North or Northeast.

I don’t completely believe him. And luckily that’s not true! Even it rains almost every day, but it’s not that hard. (But yes, we still have some conflicts! Anyone knows that.)

In last June, the previous Tsunami forecaster, ‘Dr. Smith Thammasaroj’ also warned that it’s possible for Bangkok to have a big flood. There are many causes like land slump, higher sea level, storms, and global warming. He proposed the protection plan by building the big dam around coastal areas.

There is a dependant survey stated that “In the next 48 years, Bangkok will sink like Venice.”

But in fact Bangkok is parallel with flood! If we consider of the terrain… Bangkok is a basin and its land is soft clay. When I was small, it was ordinary to see the knee-leveled flood in rainy season. And we children enjoyed to play water and catch some fish. But nowadays because of Bangkok is like the heart of Thai economy, the flood will affect transportation and everything. So we try any ways to manage it such as building the water barrages, drain out the water to outskirts, etc…

And my question is “How long can we resist this?” Some say we should move the capital!
Oh, but this is my hometown… Where should I live then? (Chiang Mai or Okinawa? ha ha 😉

For human, to live is to against the Nature. But how can we hurt it less?



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