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‘Silom Galleria : Art Space On Silom Street’

Original Written (2008.12.12)


I had heard about ‘Silom Galleria’ for so long, but never been there before!
So last 2 weeks I asked my friends to join there.

It’s easy to go… Silom Galleria is on Soi Silom 19, next to Holiday inn. It is the big shopping center for jewelry, antique and art.

There are some small art exhibitions in here. The period we visited, there were 3-4 interesting exhibitions.

Trinh Tuan’s lacquer painting: ‘Tomorrow is Another Day’ (L), ‘Shaken’ (R)

First one is from Thavibu Gallery…
It presents “My Autumn,” the lacquer art exhibition by Vietnamese artist ‘Trinh Tuan.’ The top lacquer artist creates the impressionist/romantic art by using lacquer on board as a medium.

[ Thavibu’s official link ]

Losing Face” at The Gallery

The next one is “Losing Face” at The Gallery. The selective artworks by ‘Tanawat Suriyatongtam’ portray the dark side of human: greedy, obsession and destruction.

[ The Gallery’s official link ]

Some of political satire artworks from “Game Gaol Goong”

And the main highlight is “Game Goal Goong” (Game / Trick / Cheat) at Artery Gallery. The political satire artist ‘Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy’ criticizes Thai politician intensely, especially the ‘Thaksin Regime.’ (Thaksin Regime is the specific word means ‘The politic under Mr.Thaksin’s empire.)

Jittakarn’ and his artwork. (This painting satires the previous Thai PM, ‘Mr.Somchai.’)

I like the character design, bold color and strong message that appear on his artworks. Luckily, we had met the real artist and talked together. He thinks art is the proper media for Thai people, because it can portray all political highlights in one picture. And moreover, it lasts longer if compare to the political comics.

[ Artery’s official link ]

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