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“Kin” and “Nose” = Kirei ne?!?

Original Written (2008.11.12)


‘Shiotani-san’ showed some of his works on the screen

Strange but true!
‘Kirei’ in Thai means = ‘Ugly’ :-<
But ‘Kirei’ in Japanese means = ‘Beautiful’ :->

What will happen if one plain-looking artist from Thailand meets with another plain-looking artist from Japan?

That’s the cool concept of the art event “Kirei Ne,” on the collaboration of Thai comedian artist ‘Nose-Udom’ and Japanese artist ‘Kin Shiotani.’ Supported by Japan Foundation and J Gallery.

There were series of events: workshop and art exhibition. I had joined both of them!

Oct 23rd, I had joined Shiotani’s “Live Drawing Performance and Workshop.” It was a fun and impressive activity. Shiotani-san had shown his live drawing and some of his works, including the new PV for Japanese band ‘Sakura Merry Men.’ (http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ4Rp-VY9n8)

Shiotani-san painted the picture of Took-Took

Shiotani-san was so good-humored… He always wrote Thai words on the live drawing, but I think he just like to write the word “Aroi” (Delicious). He also kidded that the artists like Nose and him sometimes just work out the artwork perfunctorily, but people think it has deep meaning.

He had shown his special ability in quick-drawing and drawing from the word. There was also the session for the audiences to join… every audiences had a paper to draw the cartoon from any words, it was interesting that everyone’s works are so different!


At J Gallery

And in that weekend I went to “J Gallery” at Thonglor to see ‘Nose & Kin’ art exhibition. There were Nose’s paintings and sculptures – Kin’s paintings and his well-known postcards series. As it mentioned in the publication, the artworks of both have similarity in simplicity and good humor. Now let’s see some of their works!!

Nose’s Works >>


Kin’s Works >>


Shiotani-san seems to like Thailand very much… he said “Thailand is the only country he travel outside Japan.” He was so nice! I sent e-mail to ask him how he knew Nose-Udom. He replied me that firstly they just know each other through their works, Udom used to mention Shiotani’s name for one magazine, but they never really met before. And the promoter ‘Tamura-san’ had arranged this duo exhibition, so they had chance to meet up!

Special Thanks:
– Japan Foundation & J Gallery
– Kin Shiotani
– Tamura-san


The view from J Gallery at evening time

:-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;->

Pa-sa-Thai Workshop

Ki-re = Minikui (Ugly)
Suay = Kirei (Beautiful)
Waad-roob = E o kaku (Draw a picture)
Aroi = Oishii (Delicious)

:-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;-> :-> ;->



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