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“Phobia 2” rules Thai B.O.


"Phobia 2" (Ha Prang) just became the first Thai movie that earn over 100 million baht in 2009.

The prequel "4 bia" (Si Prang) was very successful both for earning and critics. And "Phobia 2" doesn’t diappointed. It was premired nationwide on 09.09.09 and earned over 50 million baht in its first weekend, setting a new record in Thai horror genre. The movie is also distributed to asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

"Phobia 2" consists of 5 scary stories. ‘NAK – Charlie Trairat’ plays as a truck boy in the episode called "Backpacker," the new style of Thai horror that is influenced from zombie genre which also portray social issues like drug and illegal alien labor trafficking.

‘NAK’ with young Japanese actors ‘Akiko’ and ‘Yuki’ from the episode "BACKPACKER" — in the 100 million celebration night.


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    กันยายน 29, 2009 ที่ 10:46 pm


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