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Propaganda of Thaksin & Red Mob…‏

Propaganda of Thaksin & Red Mob…‏
Dear Friends,
This might be my last article about the latest crisis in Thailand. (I hope so!)
My intention, as a Thai citizen… I wish the world to know the facts, what’s a real or what’s a lie!
As I told you before, now the situation in here is better.
Yes, there are still some conflicts. But I can go hang out as usual.
The issue that I concern the most is "The facts about the incident."
I’m relieved that most foreign medias report in the same way as the government.
Nowaday it’s very important to have good governance, you have to make it clear!
(The fact is among the red mob protestants; there were over 120 injuries and nobody died from soldiers, because they just used the blank rounds. On the other hands; there were 2 urban people that were killed by red mob’s extremist protestants!)

Yet… there are many rumors in Thailand such as "Many red mob’s protestants were killed by soldiers last week!"
But u know? This is the way the red mob always do! They always make propaganda!
In this case, at first the Red Mob said "On the early of Apr 13rd; 100 protestants were killed, and the soldiers bring the dead bodies to hide out!" (But it was just the word of mouth, there is no evidence! The first time they said "100", then "50" and now is "20!" Their leaders are big liars!)
And as I told you previously; this is the Ages of IT. In any incident, you can see the news reporters and photographers in the scenes, and people nowadays having so many camera-mobiles. So if there were many dead people as the red mob said, I’m sure they must have any evidences!

You might not believe, but the Propaganda still works in Thailand!
Many people, especially the grassroot and illeterate people, they believe it very easily.
The way Mr.Thaksin and Red Mob do is they have their own TV Station, newspapers, community radios, community leaders, and bribe some influence medias. They always portray only their good side and incite the people.
Many Thai people don’t like to read or can’t understand the complexive politics, that’s why Mr.Thaksin’s network try to make it easy but not true! They prefer to use the TV, community radio and word of mouth! (It spreads really fast like fire!)
PS: If you want to know some facts, or want to discuss about Thai politic, please feel free to ask me!
Here below I have cropped some highlights from the international media about Mr.Thaksin.
It’s the article by "Shawn W Crispin" from Asia Times.
If you want to read the full article, please click to this link…

Thaksin appeared to lose one crucial front in the propaganda war when the US government publicly condemned the UDD’s acts of violence in Bangkok. His media operatives were known to be just as active among the Bangkok-based diplomatic community, pressing their pro-democracy claims, in particular to US diplomats.

The United Kingdom cast its diplomatic vote on those assertions last year when it canceled Thaksin’s visa after he was convicted on criminal conflict-of-interest charges.

Thaksin’s image as a persecuted democrat will have been undermined by recent events, including his wild calls from exile for a "people’s revolution" and "national uprising" that sparked the scenes of violence and destruction broadcast across the world.

While some Western governments may have harbored doubts about possible political motivations behind Thaksin’s corruption conviction, Thai officials will make a stronger future case with their extradition requests on potential terrorism and sedition charges. The government revoked Thaksin’s Thai passport on Wednesday, though the former premier is known to have acquired travel documents from the new independent state of Montenegro.


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