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Latest Report From Thailand‏…

Latest Report From Thailand‏
Dear Friends all over the world,
Now the situation in Thailand is better. Yesterday I could go out to play Songkran Festival.
The government can take control of the situation and captured some Red Shirt’s leaders.
The government tried to save the people or even the protestants’ life at their best!
That’s why there were very few dead people and some few injured protestants.
(I even think the government should be more decisive with the Red Mob!)
On the other hand, there were some few citizens that were killed by the red mob’s protestant.
I was the one who go to observe the incident!
On Monday I saw the red mob blocked the intersection in my home area.
(My home is near to the flat that was blocked by the gasoline truck. I wanted to take photos, but there were hundred of them, so I was afraid of my safety!)
I saw them using the robbed bus and taxi to block the roads, I saw them burning the tires, and I saw many of them have the weapons!
Some might think this is the propaganda, just to make the government legitimate.
But this is the ages of IT! In most incidents, there were always the news reporters monitored.
If government do anything wrong, the world surely blame the government!
You can check the news and facts about this incident from any world class news agencies like CNN, BBC, Reuters, or Al Jazeerah. Most of them report the incident accordant with the news from government!
(On contrary, the Red Shirt always releases the fake news!)
If you’re interested, I have copy some links of the reliable news agencies, and you can check it by yourself!
And these are some clips that foreign agencies having interviews with Mr.Thaksin, the man behind the latest terrible incident! He is a big liar! You can see the way he talk, any time he talk it’s differently!
I hope Thailand will be peaceful again!
If anyone want to travel in Thailand, please check the news carefully before!
But I think soon you can come here without problems!
Best Regards!


PS: I’ve got some pics after the incident. Now it’s "Songkran Fest" in Thailand, it’s the fun and happy festival, people just play water.
The Red Shirt stole the happiness of Songkran from us, but the Thai soldiers bring it back! Open-mouthed
Many times people blame the soldiers, including me! But in time of crisis, it was them who protect us!
Let’s see the pictures….
Thai Soldiers playing water with people…
And The International Defensive Army!





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