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After This…

After This…


The pictures of ‘Yellow’ and ‘Red’ mobs



On Dec 2nd, the Constitution Court had given the verdict to disband 3 coalition government parties for electoral fraud. On the following day, PAD mob had claimed the victory for Thai people and leaved from the 2 main airports.


But the political conflict seems to never end easily. Some academic stated that it’s possible for Thailand to step into the cold war or even civil war.


It’s much possible that ‘Puntamid’ (PAD – People’s Alliance for Democracy) will move again! In case the government party still wants to push their candidates to be the new PM. It seems that the ‘Special National Government’* will be the solution. But it seems to be impossible, as long as the government comes from Mr.Thaksin’s network. (*** The latest example of Special National Govt. is from the USA, President Obama stress on new politics and teamwork, he chose the candidates from every parties, including the opposite party like ‘Republican’.)


In my opinion, I really disagree with the PAD’s action to take control of the airports. Some had compared ‘This is like burning a home to kill one rat!’ – This is to violate the people’s right to travel; destroy country’s image and creditworthiness; and most importantly this will affect many employees, especially in the tourism industry. (There was a prediction that over 1 million employees will be unemployed!) But at least we were still lucky that there were no big bloodshed!


But another fact you should know is “The PM and Government are not responsible!” They can’t control anything, but they still not resign, just claimed that ‘We’re the legitimate government from the election!’


And why the police let the PAD mob took control of the airport very easily?!? (Some said ‘the police had a big lesson from the conflict in Oct 7th and they don’t want to be solely blamed again.’ But some said ‘they conspired with the government.’)


The tragic fact is there were almost 10 dead bodies and over 500 injured people in this long conflict. And even the government always said they don’t know. But many people know that there were secret commandos in the red mob* who use the weapons to attack the yellow mob! (*** ‘Red Mob’ is called ‘Nor-Por-Cho’ or in English ‘UDD – United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship.’ They support for Mr.Thaksin and present government.)


The political culture in Thailand is different. Since Thaksin’s period, anytime the PMs made mistakes, they always claimed ‘We’re the legitimate government from the election! We have to keep the Democracy!’ – Different to Japan or South Korea, if there were mistakes happen, the leader would show their spirit to resign immediately.


About Mr.Thaksin, even he is outside the country now. But it’s very clear that he still play the games! Yes, he’s not the PM now… But any Thai knows that the government party is his, the previous PM is his brother-in-law. He is the man behind who has decisions!


There was a saying in Thai “Upcountry people form the government, and then the urban people overthrow it!” – As long as Mr.Thaksin is still popular among the upcountry and grassroots people, it’s a big guarantee for his political network. And this also means a prolonged conflict.


Yes, the fighting of PAD is the elevation of People Politics.

It’s setting a new standard, but it’s also setting the improper norm!

I think this is not right!

In Democracy, when you fight with the outlaw, you don’t need to be outlaw too…

This destroys the rule of law!

And by your action, now you can’t claim that you’re on the right side!


Yes, people shouldn’t tolerate the injustice. But we should be more patience!

The PAD always claimed ‘This is the Final Victory!’ – But that’s not true!

I think we should take times to make Thai politic better.

You can move, but please respect the rule of law and don’t violate another people’s right.

And more importantly; we should have more trusts in the related sectors such as Constitution Court, Opposition Party, Media, etc…

You should push forward the political education for Thai people in the long term.


It’s too dangerous to support the extremist politics!

When the leaders raise the issues of Nationalist and Royalist, the people can be distracted easily. For example, the yellow and red leaders always claimed that they fight for country, and also attack the opposition that they don’t love the country. (So who really love this country?)


It’s ridiculous that now many Thai people prefer not to wear ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ shirt outside, because you might be hit by someone! Even in the Kindergarten Sports Day, the ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’ are canceled. These colors become forbidden!


For the non-aligned people, we are in a dilemma. Even we are the biggest group, but we can’t do anything much.

Some extremist say “You have to choose side!” (But I don’t want to choose!)

And when we show some opinion, they will blame us “You’re the stupid neutral!”

The Yellow will blame that “You don’t love the country, you’re friend with Red!”

And the Red will blame you that “You don’t love the justice, you’re friend with Yellow!”

Even there is the attempt to promote ‘Non-Violence Campaign’, but it seems to be useless in the society that people don’t hear each other.


In any groups, we need the conscious and responsible leaders.

We can’t let anger and hatred lead the politics!


For me, I just want the ‘Smile Thailand’ back!

Give Peace A Chance!!




The gimmick toys of 2 groups: Red Mob use ‘Foot Clapper’ and Yellow mob use ‘Hand Clapper.’



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