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Cyborg, She


Last Weekend I just saw this movie "Cyborg, She" (僕の彼女はサイボーグ)

Tell you the truth, I don’t like blockbuster movies.

This was the second blockbuster film I saw in 2008 since "Batman: Dark Knight."


The reason I see it is very easy…

Coz I like the actress "Haruka Ayase", she is one of the few new Japanese idol I like now! (Not including those AV stars… Tongue out ha ha)

I knew her better since the Japanese drama series "Byakuyako".

She has very cute face, good shape, good at acting and every men must agree that….

She is very busty!! Surprised ha ha ha



"Haruka Ayase" (I think her face looks so similar to my old Japanese friend "Chiharu." But she disagreed! Surprised)


About the movie, I give score 7 out of 10. It’s good for anyone who like Romantic-Drama.

Anyone who had seen previous works of director "Kwak Jae-young" such as "Sassy Girl" or "Classic" might get that. I’m sure you will impressed with the catchy lines and touchy situation. Especially the story about someone who can do anything for love.

But this is his first Japanese movie, I guess.

And it’s something about cyborg and Sci-Fi. So there are something over-action. (Which I don’t like… Confused)

Even this is Sci-Fi movie, there are something complexive about timelines. But it’s not that difficult for anyone.


If you wanna see "the Japanese soundtrack version" (with subtitle). I recommend you to go "HOUSE RCA." It’s showing now… Open-mouthed


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