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Something I Hate About Rainy!


Something I Hate About Rainy!

1) It’s harder to go out.

2) No sunshine to dry my lothes.

3) It’s wet and muddy too often! I have to wash my shoes more often!! (Usually I wash them 2 months a time.)

4) I can’t go boating! I started this new hobby since May and enjoy a lot. But because of the weather now, I couldn’t go boating too many times!

5) People tend to argue more often! I really hate this… Sick

Umbrella  Umbrella  Umbrella  Umbrella  Umbrella  Umbrella  Umbrella  Umbrella  Umbrella

PS: When talking about "Rain", I thought of one Japanese online friend "Natsu-chan." She always had slogan "No Rain, No Rainbow."

Where are you now, sister?



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