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The Fox & The Child + Muddy River

Last week I had seen 2 good movies! 电影胶片 电影胶片
The first was French Film “The Fox and The Child.” (Le renard et l’enfant)
It was 90 minutes of impressive. The film by Luc Jacquet was the amazing combination between Fantasy, Documentary and Drama. The story tells about the friendship of a little girl and a fox. I hadn’t seen such lovely and imaginative film like this for so long! And the 3-D graphic works of the animals are really fantastic!!
Anyone wanna see this, please visit to HOUSE RCA Theatre!
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The Second was Japanese film “Muddy River.” (Doro no Kawa)
I saw this movie at Japan Foundation’s theatre. But I found out later this was my second time to watch!
The film by Kohei Oguri was released in 1981, but it was shot in Black & White.
I think this flick can be regarded as one classic Japanese film, especially in “Children” genre.
The film was all about the aftermath of WWII. The relationship of children from the different social classes. One boy is from the normal house, his parents own noodle shop. But another boy is from the houseboat, his mother is a whore…
Another impression from this movie is the whore character played by “Mariko Kaga.” In that movie she was about 40, but she was very gorgeous!! I love classic actresses!!!
I had searched some photos when she was young. She was hot & sexy!! Sugoi kirei datta!! 惊讶 Man, if I can turn back the time! ha ha ha Tongue out
But now she is 60 ups…. 转动眼睛
In the recent Japanese TV Series, she played as ‘Mother of Tsukasa’ character in “Hana Yori Dango.”
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  1. I met Mariko in Tokyo in 1964 when doing a stage American production of West Side Story. Just like to send a Hello to her.
    Tony Mordente….”. lumott@sbcglobal.net

    สิงหาคม 31, 2012 ที่ 12:00 am


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