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What a WEEK?

Wow, what a WEEK?
Last 2 months, it was very boring for me. I didn’t have girlfriend all those time. (It was suffering for me who don’t like to be alone.) I only worked, played computer games and saw movie sometimes. What a boring life! เศร้า
But this week I just take a break. (For an exam and I just cleared the old assignments from one company.)
So I hanged out almost everyday. It is a "SUPERB WEEK!" (Konshu wa sugoi!)
I had met and make friends with so many cute Japanese girls! (Let’s face it! I’m a flirt boy!! สงสัย)
Anyway I have chance but I don’t have luck!
Most of them already have BF or they will come back to Japan very soon.
(I was born to be "Unlucky in Love"! ร้องไห้)
But I really appreciate and impress with all of you girls.
It’s really nice to meet and make friend with cool people like you! URESHII KATTA DESU! ยิ้มแฉ่ง 
It makes a lonely & ugly boy like me can have a big smile again!! ยิ้มแฉ่งยิ้มแฉ่ง
I wish you all stay cool and best luck!
I think from now on, I will try to focus on work better++better. I have encouragement and I will try again!
Even many times I can’t stop myself to flirt. But I also think sometimes it’s worth to wait for someone special!
Ane-chan, I will try waiting for you in November. Hope to meet again! MATA AIMASHO!!
PS: tonight I am so excited, I can’t sleep!! แกะดำ


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