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What a day?

What a day?
today is dramatic. Lots of shit happens!
A crash…
I woke up at high-noon. And heard some bad news….
Mom said Dad had car accident. The car was hit by the big bus, I guess.
But fortunately, Dad, sister and her friend were safe.
Mom said because of Dad was driving fast and changed lane.
I can imagine…. I remembered when I travel with him as a driver.
He always drove like a racer. Moreover, he is much hot-tempered.
Anyway, nice that everybody are safe.
And the car isn’t in severe damage.
Did U see me?
Again…. I accidentally met my old  friend "Mai."
I was in front of the Emporium Department.
And she was at the opposite side of the street…..
In fact, the distant is not much far, only 4 street lanes. But I can feel the distant.
I wave my hand to her.
In fact, I wanna run across the streets to see her.
But it was like she was waiting for someone. And I think it would be not nice if I go there.
I wait and see a moment. And saw 2 guys were talking with her, may be they’re her friends.
So, I think don’t go is better. But at least I just wanna give her a call.
I called her, but she didn’t pick up my call. (I saw that with my 2 eyes.)
So I just sent message to say hello.
I’m not sure if she see me or not?
But if she saw me and she didn’t pick up my call, I think that was so mean.
It make me feel like I don’t exist………
Can U pay me?
Besides those depressed stories.
Friday and Saturday, something funny happen with me.
Friday night, I was sitting on the bench, waiting for the red-bus to get back home.
There was 1 boy, he came in and sat beside me.
He said many things that I didn’t understand.
And his last expression, he said like "Can you help me? I will give u my body and heart."
I was so shocked, because I like woman and never want to try with a man. ha ha
I think he need money. So I give him a little bit, then he leave me. 
Also, Saturday……… after I walk out from the Emporium.
In front of the park, there was 1 old lady walked follow me.
She said something with me, but I couldn’t hear her well.
So I stop to hear her. I still can’t understand what she said? ? ?
So she gave me a sign, she push the index finger into the hole in another hand.
Then I said "No…."
Oh dude, she looked like around 40-50 years old!
I can’t say how I feel exactly ……. Coz nowadays I’m much depressed. And I can tell I look like a very sad man. But why I met 2 people whom offer me to buy sex. Or it looks like I want sex so much? (Do I look horny?  ha ha)
Anyway, I also sympathized with them. Nowadays it’s very hard to live, lots of poor people. Even me (the lower-middle class), I often worry about money and living.
I hope everything will be better for this country.

6 responses

  1. นางมารร้ายที่แสนดี

    she probably didnt see you
    and thats good that your dad is safe na ka^.^
    have a good day na ka.
    you can make depressing day .. into a happy day for you ^.^

    กรกฎาคม 22, 2006 ที่ 6:46 pm

  2. นางมารร้ายที่แสนดี

    อันเก่า ไม่อยากเล่น
    ….อารมณ์ ศิลปิน ก็งี้แหละ
    55+ แบบว่า – -เดาไม่ถูก
    …โอ้วเรื่องความรัก – – –
    หุหุ – – ไม่รู้ทำไม – -ผิดหวังเป็นว่าเล่น
    ตกลงพี่ชื่อ เบอท ใช่ไหมคะ
    แหะ ๆๆ

    กรกฎาคม 22, 2006 ที่ 8:08 pm

  3. mark

    lots of things had happened huh

    กรกฎาคม 23, 2006 ที่ 7:31 am

  4. ♡ Natsu(mi)-chan♡

    life is just like roller coaster,
    always up and down.
    if now you’re covered by stormy cloud.
    no need to worry becoz…
    you will see a beautiful sky far beyond
    (^^)v peace~

    กรกฎาคม 23, 2006 ที่ 10:00 am

  5. mark

    and to reiterate natsumi’s point
    "there’s light at the end of the tunnel"

    กรกฎาคม 24, 2006 ที่ 2:23 am

  6. albert

    ขอบคุณมากๆนะครับ  สำหรับทุกๆคำแนะนำและกำลังใจ
    ตอนนี้ผมจะพยายามเก็บมันเอาไว้ในใจ เพราะเศร้ามา 3-4 วันแล้ว ถ้าเศร้ามากไปกว่านี้คงไม่ไหว 555
    จังหวะชีวิตที่แบบ ทั้งปัญหาเรื่องงาน, บ้าน, ความรัก กระหน่ำเข้ามาแบบนี้ เล่นเอาแย่เหมือนกันครับ
    สู้ๆ!!! ^__^

    กรกฎาคม 24, 2006 ที่ 5:06 pm


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