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My Collections.

My Collections!

(Original wrote: Feb 16)


Today my family do a Big Cleaning!
It’s a mission  before 1 TV program will come here to shoot our home.
(Some friends might already know that my eldest brother is a film star in Thailand.)


I’m really very tired!  I did clean and decorate so many parts.
And I had lent my collections as the "Props"!


Surprisingly! I have so many collections…. Not bad!
My Favourite Items are:
Toy I’ve got totally around 100 items including Gashapon from Japan such as "Saint Seiya", "Dragon Ball", "Ultraman", "Doraemon", etc… / Happy Meal sets. / and etc…

Handbill I’ve got movies, events, music handbills, postcards and posters about 600-800 pieces. Including Movie Magnet.

Book & Magazine I’m one of the book lovers. Many kind of books such as Comics (Manga), Movie Magazine, Games Magazine, Men Magazine, etc … (Not including Nude Magazine.  Ha. Ha.)

Movie CD / DVD I’ve got around 50-100 titles.

Coin & Notebank I like to collect money, especially when I have chance to go abroad. But I don’t have much items, because it’s expensive collection neh!  He He

ETC… Another collections of me in the old days are cassette tapes, stamps, cards, photos, letters and Games.

But now my collections are lacking of new items, because of the collector is very poor now!  (So please Donate ME!   Ha ha)


I will upload some photos of my collections, also brother’s and sisters’. Hope you guyz enjoy!


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Wrote on: Feb 17

Today I had an interview with Japan Foundation. IMO, this interview was not good, not bad.  Anyway I hope I could get a job soon!!!!!


At night I had join pool game with friends. It was so fun. But my dear friends, it would be better if I had more money na ja. So plz don’t invite me often right now. Ha Ha


PS> This is warning for every men. If any man ask you to join fishing, please BEWARE!!!  (If U wanna know why, plz check the film "Brokeback Mountain". Ha Ha )


May the FORCE be with Me & U!!!


2 responses

  1. PiYaCHaT

    What did the Tv programm comee to yr
    . home. Pls inform date and time for me na. I’ll follow up to see yr. home scoop eiei….

    กุมภาพันธ์ 18, 2006 ที่ 5:49 am

  2. Alice In Oz

    Hi, if you like that song i can send it to you.

    กุมภาพันธ์ 19, 2006 ที่ 2:02 pm


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