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Why We Protest?

Why we protest?
Why we don’t like Mr.Thaksin?
Conflict of Interest
While being the Prime Minister, Mr.Thaksin is also the founder(owner) of "Shin Corp." (This company owns many important business such as Telecommunication, TV, Satellite, Airline, etc…)
No Doubt! Many policies were provided to support his business.
The latest study case of the Conflict of Interest; His family just sold "Shin Corp.’s" shares to foreign company worth $1.87 billion, but without paying tax any cent!
It’s the duty of good citizens to pay tax for the state. On the contrary, the P.M.’s family avoid to do it! 
This deal was really unclear. Before the deal was occured, there were so many questionable stocks’ transfer. Before Mr.Thaksin became the P.M., he transferred his stocks to son and daughters, then transferred some stocks to his car driver, also to his brother-in-law’s family. Wow, interesting!
Mr.Thaksin had declared he would wipe out the corruption in Thailand. But in fact, his government is one of the most corrupt of the Thai Political History ever!
The most notorious case was the procurement of "CTX Scanner" for new Suvannaphumi Airport.
In Thaksin’s period, he try to privatise many state enterprises into the stock market. But the state enterprises such as Electricity, Water Supply, Thai Airline, TV Channel, PTT Gasoline, CAT Telecom, etc.. are the National Properties!!
He achieved some privatizations such as Thai Airline, PTT Gasoline, CAT Telecom, etc… But it’s obviously that its purpose not for public interest, just for the few stakeholders (especially the government’s relatives.) And some privatization like CAT Telecom is obviously charitable to P.M.’s family business "Shin Corp."
Populist Policies
Thaksin’s Government had created many policies to deceive the votes from Thai citizens (Especially in the countrysides). The policies such as "1 Million Baht Loaning Fund for Every Villages," "30 Baht cures every diseases," "Mega-projects" (such as building new 10 routes of Subway Trains in Bangkok.) are sure the kind of Marketing Politics.
These policies wasted enormous national budget. It may stimulate Thai Economy in the short term. But to achieve his plan, our country do have to loan enormous money from foreign too! So it’s really not good for Thailand in the long term. It’s HARMFUL!!
What happen with the countries which used to proceed the populist policies. Just see Argentina and ask the Latin-American people………
Media Domination
In the Thaksin’s period, all the Free-TV Channel are dominated by Government. These Channels 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 are State TV. Moreover, the only 1 Freedom Channel "iTV" was taken over by the P.M.’s family business…….. So, where’s the freedom of Media? Where’s the freedom of Speech?
Luckily, some Thai Newspapers are still be the spokespersons and watchdogs for people. But we could see Thaksin’s Government often threaten these watchdogs.
Money Politic
19 Million Votes, 377 Seats of House Representative (From 500 Seats) may show his popularity. But these votes were also from his Money Power.
I accepted that the local politic are the key factors for his victory.
On the other hand, it was not all the pure clean votes! Before the latest election, Mr.Thaksin had taken over some political parties (which owns around 100 seats).
Why did he have to buy the representatives and political parties? Why he need much power?
No Doubt, as it’s concrete now!……. The Majority Seats bring him absolute power. The Opposition doesn’t have enoughs seats of representative to impeach or even debate against the P.M.
Moreover from above are,
– Patronage Politic (Support his relatives and business partners to get the important positions in the Government, despite they couldn’t show the good performance.)
– Free Trade Area Agreement (He try to proceed many FTAs with foreigns, despite our country  would be put at the disadvantage. Also, it was obviously that some FTA was for the interest of P.M.’s family business.)
– Violence in the Southern.
– etc……………..
Power tends to corrupt;
absolute power corrupts absolutely.
(Lord Acton)

3 responses

  1. Alice In Oz

    such a serious story.
    have a nice day

    กุมภาพันธ์ 7, 2006 ที่ 1:36 pm

  2. Alice In Oz

    such a serious story.
    have a nice day

    กุมภาพันธ์ 7, 2006 ที่ 1:37 pm

  3. PiYaCHaT

    ´;;;;;;;;.¸_______________¸;;;;;;;´;;;;;;;;;;;:¸_____________,:;;;;;;;;;´¸´:;;;;;;;;;;;´;__________,:;;;;;;;;;;;´¸_ ´:;;;;;;;;;;;´,,________,:;;;;;;;;;;;´¸___´:;;;;;;;;;;;;_______,;;;;;;;;;;;;:____.´•¸:;;;;;;;;;¸_____¸;;;;;;;;;;´_______´•¸:;;;;;;¸____¸;;;;;;;:´_________´•¸:;;;;¸.,.¸;;;;;;•______¸.•;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;____.´;;;;;´*´;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;____´;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_____´:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_______´•.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_________.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.____(´*•.¸ (´*•.¸ ¸.•*´) ¸.•* )…..::¨´•.¸ *RamBUTaN*¸.•´¨::.. Let’s count Down For VaLeNTiNe

    กุมภาพันธ์ 8, 2006 ที่ 2:17 pm


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