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Kekkon Omedeto!!

These days my life is still be so-so. But something could make me feel better. ^__^
Last Saturday I’d went to Faculty’s reunion meeting. I could meet so many old friends. I was so surprised, somebody change so much. But anyway, the group of my close friends are still be the same. HA HA
Today I went to see the movie "Just like Heaven." with "Vee" (my friend since highschool) and my close Japanese friend "Nohara-san" and her friend "Miyuki."
The film is lovely. So good romantic comedy.
And today I just heard very surprise news!  
Nohara told me she just got married last week.
For me, when I heard it firstly, I felt a bit shock.
Because she is one of my best and closest female friend.
Importantly, she’s really nice friend!
For me, it’s not easy to find a real nice friend.
Anyway, Congratulation to you! Nohara-san ^__^
ease have a happy family life! Kekkon Omedeto ne!!
Wah…. when I could find my partner……….. -__- Ha Ha
I hope one day I could find my real love too! T__T (But when? ei ei )



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