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My Weak Point!!!

My Weak Point!!


Dude, do you have any weak point?


Somebody is allergic to seafood, some insects, etc…


But for me, I’m allergic to some kind of smell, powder and perfume.

Wednesday, my mom showered “Lavender Powder” to the dog. When its smell came into my nose, I sneezed all day all night, until I got sick.   Ha Ha

It’s unbelievable but true!


Another weak point of myself ……

         I’m weak against Japanese & Korean girls (My Type), beautiful girls and sexy girls. Ha Ha… I really dunno why, but when I met J/K Galz, my heart would beat as fast as trance beat.

         I’m weak against “Sales” job field. I’m really incompetent with it.

         I’m weak against “Tear”  and “Affecting Stories.”


Hmm……. May be I have more, but couldn’t figure it out now. Ha Ha

So, if you already knew my weak point, I beg you please KILLING ME SOFTLY.


See Ya!


PS> For fiction’s reader, I just finished my new short story and will type it in my blog soon! Please Stay Tuned! (But sorry, it is only in Thai.  If I could and  have time, I’ll try to translate them. )


2 responses

  1. PiYaCHaT

    มีจิ..weak point ของเราก็ขาว ตี๋สูงโปร่ง จมูกโด่ง แก้มแดงขยัน ซื่อสัตย์(ไม่ใช่ซื่อสัตว์ๆๆนะ อันนี้ไม่เอา)อิอิที่สำคัญ…ทำงานบ้านได้ จ่ายตลาดเป็น..โอยย…แพ้หุหุหุ

    มกราคม 20, 2006 ที่ 2:48 pm

  2. Alice In Oz

    my weak point is rat!i don’t like it.

    มกราคม 20, 2006 ที่ 3:17 pm


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