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Work Hard 4 few money -__-“

Work HARD 4 Few money….
But now I don’t have much choice, so I have to do!
Anyway, anyhow, I could be survive!
I hope I could find a new good full-time job soon.
It’s the big lesson for me. (and may be for U.) 
I was too careless. In 2004, I quit the full-time job because I really bored with it and had some dream. After that I wrote my novel and work independently. But I forgot this is in Thailand (HA HA ) and also I’m not strong enough to fight the cruel business world alone.
It is too dangerous! Work and live day by day. Sometimes I left very few money.   And also my family is having big financial problem. This remind me of the days while I was the salaryman, I may not happy with it, but at least I had money to eat and buy what I want, also I can share something to my family.
Anyway, I try to live happily. (But sometimes it is really sad.  ) Because IMO, it’s good to be happy, it makes me bright and hopeful. When I am sad, I couldn’t do a thing.
Cya, friends.  

4 responses

  1. •A•jam3s™

    Hello !!เเวะมาทักทายค๊าบ …

    มกราคม 7, 2006 ที่ 8:37 am

  2. Nanako

    Hi yait’s update again.good job!try hard!(^^)v

    มกราคม 8, 2006 ที่ 7:03 am

  3. Unknown


    มกราคม 9, 2006 ที่ 5:08 am

  4. PiYaCHaT

    nice pics..^^’

    มกราคม 11, 2006 ที่ 12:00 pm


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